The Upshot.

17 07 2008

The knee injury I sustained on the `Ainapo Trail last week was not improving at all. Last night after walking a few miles to view the point where the lava flows meet the ocean, I was ready to just give up and get some crutches or a wheelchair. Fortunately for me my boss wants me in top shape, so I was sent to the doctor today. After an hour’s drive into town and two hours of languishing in the urgent care waiting room, I had my exam. No ligaments are injured, and my x-ray was normal. After palpating my knee and performing a few manual tests, the doctor diagnosed it as hemarthrosis. Delightful!

Essentially, my knee joint has a blood clot inside. Gross, right? The good news is that it will heal relatively quickly with rest. Obviously, this whole “rest” concept is a bit foreign to the HVO staff. I pleaded and wheedled and managed to persuade the doc to allow me up to three miles of hiking per day for the next ten days. That is me on medical rest, folks. I was prescribed a marvellous knee brace that turned me from a pathetically hobbling gimp into a nearly-normal, upright human. Painkillers and anti-inflammatories are also wonderful. Ahh.

Pictures of the amazing ocean entry explosions tomorrow. I shot over a hundred (an obscenely high number for me…I’m conservative with my pictures), so going through them will take some time. I’m house/dogsitting for the next 5 nights, so I should get the new pics sorted fairly quickly.




4 responses

17 07 2008

I’m relieved you’re going to be ok. I was waiting for you to post an update about your knee, I’m glad you did.

17 07 2008

Take care of yourself… I’m sure Benji is expecting you to come home in one piece (as is the rest of us!)

17 07 2008

Hope your better soon!

19 07 2008

Would “just shake it off” be an appropriate suggestion now?

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