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This site chronicles my journeys researching various volcanoes and other geologic features around the world. I recently graduated from California State University – Los Angeles with a Master of Science in Geology. This is proof-positive that people with B.A.s in History can go on to live productive lives! In all seriousness, I love volcanoes, subduction zone tectonics, deep trenches, and anything that allows me to learn more about the world around us. I’ve been lucky enough to work at the USGS Hawaiian Volcano Observatory, participate in National Science Foundation-funded research in Death Valley and on a cruise to the Loihi Seamount, help collect samples for the CRONUS-Earth project, and spend time as a Graduate Student Fellow at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Corny geology jokes are always welcome. Feel free to ask questions and spread the word to anyone who might be interested!

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9 07 2008
Kristen Norment


Got your link from the jolt and just wanted to say that its been really cool reading about your internship in Hawaii! I used to live there as well as other South Pacific Islands and really love the geology of the place. I’m a recent graduate in Anthropology and have been at a loss for what to do next but reading yours (and others) blogs has really helped give me a direction and realize that fieldwork is pretty much what I’ve always really wanted to do. I love the blogosphere!

Thanks for making your blog public and I hope you continue to enjoy your internship!

5 09 2008
Captain Shane Turpin


It seems as though you’ve seen it every way except from the sea. Would love to take you to experience the magic of oceanside lava onboard the LavaKai from the oceanside. Let me know if you can make it out

A Hui Hou,
Capt Shane Turpin
Lava Ocean Adventures

12 04 2010
Philip Peterson

Bummer your kidney stones prevented you from making it to the top of St. Helens.

From one volcano lover to another, you might find these photos interesting:


Especially the one of St. Helens consisting of two photos taken five years apart.


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